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Last scan: 03:25 GMT | 20 May 2024
Last scan:
03:25 GMT | 20 May 2024

RC-20 Retro Color by XLN Audio is the perfect plugin to effortlessly infuse character and vintage warmth into every track or mix. Its ideal for Lo-fi tracks as well as adding some extra realism to tracks.

Experience the essence of classic recording equipment with utmost ease through the innovative RC-20 Retro Color effect plugin. This tool masterfully captures the rich warmth reminiscent of vintage setups, breathing vitality and dimension into every recording, seamlessly adapting to contemporary production environments.

RC-20 Retro Color boasts an array of 6 exceptional Effect Modules, each capable of standalone brilliance or harmonious fusion:

  1. Noise Generator

Inject vibrancy and texture into your sound using RC-20’s diverse noise variations, spanning from delicate vinyl crackles and tape hisses to ambient studio murmurs, electric circuitry whispers, and stompbox static crackle.

  1. Wobble & Flutter

Introduce pitch fluctuations akin to the charming irregularities of analog equipment playback, reminiscent of vinyl turntables and tape decks.

  1. Saturation & Distortion

From subtle harmonious saturation to ferocious fuzz, access a spectrum of distortion varieties from RC-20’s comprehensive selection.

  1. Degrader & Bitcrusher

Imitate the character of vintage digital gear, evoking the distinctive tonal qualities of antiquated samplers, complete with the characterful impact of limited sample rates and bit depth reduction.

  1. Reverb

Immerse your audio in spaciousness and dimension through RC-20’s meticulously tailored reverb module.

  1. Volume Drops

Recreate the authentic timeworn allure, volume fluctuations, and tape-related imperfections inherent to tape recording and playback.

Simplify Control Across All RC-20 Effect Modules with a Single Slider

Fine-tune the precise dosage of your effects, or swiftly craft captivating intros, outros, transitions, and drops, elevating your mix to new heights.

Ready-to-Use Presets for Every Track or Mix

Instantly kickstart your creative process with RC-20’s thoughtfully curated presets tailored for drums, keys, guitars, bass, full mixes, and post-production scenarios, facilitating your workflow from the outset.

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Last scan: 03:25 GMT | 20 May 2024

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