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Introducing Arturia Pigments 4: Your Ultimate Synth Solution

Unlock the boundless realm of sonic possibilities with Pigments, the dynamic softsynth VST that empowers you to craft any sound, from contemporary presets to intricate custom soundscapes. Immerse yourself in a universe of synthesis, transforming your sonic dreams into vibrant reality, regardless of your genre.

Seamless Sound Sculpting

Elevate your sonic journey with Pigments, the software synthesizer that effortlessly delivers powerful, versatile, and user-friendly sound crafting.

Simplicity Perfected

Experience synthesis and sound design like never before. Pigments simplifies the intricate world of sound, offering color-coded modulation with single-click precision, a wealth of handpicked presets, and instantly responsive macros.

Complete Creative Command

Embark on a no-nonsense sound design adventure, whether you’re creating from scratch or diving deep. Pigments seamlessly integrates voices, filters, modulation, sequencing, and FX, providing an all-encompassing production solution.

Designed for Modern Soundscapes

Whether you’re delving into hip hop, trap, EDM, or cinematic soundscapes, Pigments is tailored to your style. With its comprehensive preset library, precision-driven features, and intuitive workflow, Pigments thrives in the realm of contemporary music production.

Unleash Your Uniqueness

Customize your softsynth experience to match your creative setup. Tailor Pigments to your preferences by altering its appearance, opting for the streamlined Play Mode, reimagining audio routing, curating personalized preset playlists, and more.

What’s New in Pigments 4 by Arturia?

Introducing Play Mode

Experience a simplified overview of your sound, featuring streamlined modules and hands-on macros.

Refreshed Interface

Navigate Pigments with ease through a revamped graphical interface and a high-contrast Light Mode.

Enhanced Sound Design Workflow

Engage in quick drag-and-drop modulation editing, access LFO waveform presets, embrace ODDSound MTS-ESP microtuning compatibility, and more.

Revamped Engines

Discover enhanced wavetable engine features, including ring modulation and PWM, along with additional Harmonic engine phase options and refined Unison controls.

New Filters & Effects

Meet the MS-20 Filter, Shimmer Reverb, Super Unison, and various improved filters and effects, expanding your sonic arsenal.

Unveil New Sonic Realms

Embark on fresh sound explorations with an array of new factory presets, wavetables, samples, and noise types.

Simplified Complex Synthesis

Pigments seamlessly bridges the gap between intricate sound creation, versatile production, and joyful music-making. With intuitive accessibility, Pigments empowers you to harness the intricacies of sound with a single click.

Diverse Synthesis Types

Master four potent sound engines: Wavetable, Virtual Analog, Sample & Granular, and Harmonic. Mix and match these engines with a Utility oscillator and sampled noise for limitless sonic horizons.

Dynamic Modulation & Shaping

Morph and evolve your sound using drag-and-drop modulation, unlocking endless possibilities through a multitude of sources and destinations.

Musical Sequencing & Arpeggiation

Pigments not only crafts extraordinary synth sounds but also breathes life into music itself. Create melodies, evolving modulations, and dynamic sequences with a powerful yet straightforward engine.

Infuse Your Sound with Color

Elevate your patches using an expansive selection of filters and FX. Combine dual filters, choose from classic and modern modes, and add a palette of studio-grade effects, from Shimmer Reverb to Bitcrusher.

Tailored Views

Immerse yourself in sound without losing focus, thanks to Pigments’ adaptable layout options. Monitor voices and modulation in the Synth tab, simplify with Play Mode, or opt for the high-contrast Light Mode.

Flexible Audio Routing

Define how Pigments’ voices, modulations, filters, and FX interact using precise audio routing control. Experiment with different configurations for unique audio manipulation.

Your Blank Canvas

From radiant plucks to colossal wavetable creations, Pigments spans the sonic spectrum, catering to all your sound needs.

Choose Your Perspective

Engage with Pigments’ clean-cut layouts, transforming sound design and production into captivating visual experiences.

Light Mode

Illuminate the GUI with a high-contrast look, ideal for well-lit workflows or late-night sessions.

Play Mode

Focus on essential sound elements, including core voice controls and real-time modulation visualization, for uninterrupted creative flow.

Effortless Navigation

Dedicated tabs for Synth, FX, and Seq elements ensure you stay immersed while maintaining control over your sound.

The Sound Store

Curate your unique sound library from hundreds of monthly-updated sound banks crafted by renowned producers and sound designers.

Welcome Wavelengths

Explore fresh sounds pushing Pigments’ features to their limits. Each bank offers 150 presets, capturing the bold, colorful, and exploratory essence of Pigments.

Essential Features

In-App Tutorials

Seamless in-app tutorials guide you through every aspect, making sound creation a breeze.

ASC Integration

Manage your software titles effortlessly through the Arturia Software Center.

DAW Harmony

Enjoy full compatibility with major DAWs on Windows and MacOS, integrating Pigments seamlessly into your setup.

Effortless Preset Browsing

Instantly find your desired sound through intelligent preset browsing, saving favorites for quick recall.

Resizable Interface

Resize interfaces for optimal visual immersion or to save screen space as needed.

Perfect Harmony

Pigments seamlessly integrates with the Arturia KeyLab range and other MIDI controllers for instant sound tweaking and seamless DAW integration.

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