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Unleash Your Creativity with Phase Plant: The Ultimate Tool for Sound Designers

Discover the Ultimate Sound Design Tool

Phase Plant from Kilohearts emerges as the ultimate softsynth, tailor-made for music producers and sound designers seeking unparalleled creative freedom. A recipient of numerous awards, Phase Plant combines top-tier processing capabilities with an intuitive workflow to transform your sonic visions into reality. Seamlessly craft extraordinary patches that defy limits and capture your unique musical essence. The potential is boundless…

Craft Your Sonic Masterpieces

Step into a realm of boundless possibilities with Phase Plant’s open modular architecture. Whether you’re envisioning streamlined synths or intricate evolving soundscapes, Phase Plant empowers you to actualize your creative dreams within a user-friendly ecosystem. Blend an array of generators, modulators, and effects effortlessly to forge distinctive sounds with precision and simplicity.

Elevate Your Sound Generation

Unveil a plethora of sonic potential, choosing from conventional waveforms, cutting-edge wavetables, samples, and noise sources. Capitalize on an extensive library of factory wavetables or shape your own using Phase Plant’s advanced Wavetable Editor. From foundational layers to intricate sound amalgamations, all within the confines of a single synth.

Empowering Effects at Your Fingertips

Experience the prowess of Phase Plant accompanied by Kilohearts Essentials, a comprehensive suite of essential effects plugins. These transformative tools are seamlessly integrated as Snapins, enabling dynamic combinations and modulation within Phase Plant’s three effects lanes. Seamlessly integrate FX processing into your presets, with the option to enrich your toolkit through Premium Effects, available separately, to propel your soundscapes even further.

Unleash Astonishing Modulation

Harness Phase Plant’s revolutionary modular modulation segment to interconnect modulators and utilities in limitless configurations. Whether you seek surgical precision through enveloping and LFOs or crave unbridled randomness for experimental generative sessions, Phase Plant accommodates all sonic explorations.

From Foundation to Frontier with FM

Embark on a journey through the uncharted territory of audio rate modulation, with the ability to cross-modulate—crossing even into self-modulation—volume, frequency, and phase across all signal generators. Dive into unexplored sonic realms, unveiling new dimensions of tone and texture for your productions.

MPE: Your Expressive Playground

Immerse yourself in expressive possibilities, courtesy of Phase Plant’s MPE compatibility. Elevate your interaction beyond notes and velocities, delving into nuanced pitch, pressure, and timbre control. This feature empowers you to breathe life into your presets, bestowing them with unprecedented articulation and diversity.

Forged by Seasoned Developers

At every stage of the signal chain, Kilohearts’ software is meticulously designed for premium audio generation and processing, maintaining minimal CPU load. Bid farewell to sound quality compromises in professional music production and sound design endeavors.

Embark on a Granular Journey

Introducing the newest addition to Phase Plant’s arsenal: the Granular Generator. Witness your sonic horizons shatter into mesmerizing fragments as you explore this highly anticipated feature.

Eternal Evolution: Lifetime Free Updates

Acquiring a Kilohearts plugin license secures a lifetime of free updates. Embrace a future of continuous improvement, enriched with novel features and OS compatibility (yes, it’s fully M1 Native!). Investing in Kilohearts software is an investment in the evolution of sound design expertise.

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